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This is an entry level target rifle that performs so far above its price bracket that you won't believe it until you shoot it. The S200 Target's .177 calibre barrel is renowned for its accuracy and with the dioptre sights fitted as standard; the shooter is fully equipped to make the most of its match winning potential. Further aiding the accuracy of the S200 Target, is a supportive, match-type stock and precision trigger, plus the recoilless consistency of the pre-charged pneumatic action.

With its power set at 6 ft.lbs. the S200 Target produces over 130+ shots per charge, which is more than enough for any match, including sighting shots, and the manageable weight and perfect balance of the rifle is designed to promote on-aim stability, without tiring the shooter.




  • Ambidextrous beech stock
  • Single shot action with 10-shot conversion kit available
  • Easy operation bolt-action
  • Adjustable trigger position
  • Removable cylinder
  • Ventilated butt pad
  • Dioptre sights with 4 interchangeable elements

AIR ARMS S200 Target Beech