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Snowpeak P35 is a extremely light bull-pup. The side lever is positioned near the grip. Two-stage adjustable trigger gives more choices. The appearance is very excellent, the smooth surface, the nice handle, etc.


1.Bull-pup, with side-lever positioned near the grip

2.Extremely light

3.Two-stage adjustable trigger


1.Caliber: 4.5/5.5/6.35mm

2.Speed: 1000/900/800 fps

3.Air Capacity: 265 CC

4. Regulator: Have

5.Magazine Capacity: 11/9/8 shots

6.Trigger Pull: 1-5 Lbf

7.Safety Force: 1-6Lbf

8.Barrel Length: 450mm

9.Max Pressure: 25 MPa

10.L.W.H.: 675*200*40(MM)

11.Weight: 2.4kg

12.Stock: PP

13.Packing: 2 pcs/ctn

Artemis Snow Peak P35