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This is a timeless classic and one of the original high-performance break barrels on the market that set the benchmark for rivals to follow. The HW 35 K has a unique barrel locking system that ensures that the barrel is always perfectly aligned to maximise accuracy. It’s fitted with open sights plus an attractive beechwood stock with stylish finger grooves and rich bluing that Weihrauch is so famous for. It’s a truly classic rifle that has been subtly modified and improved over the years to keep it at the front of the pack.


Weihrauch Spring Piston - Break Barrel Air Rifle, Model No: HW35K, Calibre available: .22/.177, Total length: 105cm, Barrell length: 41cm, Weight: 3.8kg, Loading Mechanism: Single Shot, Trigger: 2 stage match Rekord, Saftey: A, Sights: TFSIR

Weihrauch HW35K Spring Piston - Break Barrel Air Rifle

Color: .22