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The HW 44 is based on the action of the acclaimed and innovative HW 110 pre-charged pneumatic rifle. However, the HW 44 pistol boasts some very impressive features of its own. The frame incorporates two Picatinny rails, the bottom one would lend itself well to a laser for fast fire shooting and the top one is perfectly positioned for a scope. The chassis is constructed from ballistic polymer, a high-tech material capable of withstanding stresses and strains.
The action has a built-in air reservoir with 200 bar, integral pressure gauge and quick-fill equipment, with the .22 calibre reaching around 125 shots per fill. The HW 44 boasts a multi-shot firing system, based on a 10-shot magazine and two of these are supplied with the pistol. The manual safety catch is ambidextrous with levers on both sides of the action.
The semi anatomical grips offer excellent fit and support for both left and right handers.Silencer not included.
Weihrauch Pre-charged Pistol, Model No: HW44, Calibre available: .22/.177, Total length: 36.5cm, Barrell length: 24.7cm, Weight: 1.1kg, Loading Mechanism: 10 shot, Trigger: 2 STAGE ADJ, Saftey: M, Sights: BFIR

Weihrauch HW44 Pre-charged Pistol

Color: .22