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Almost certainly the best break-barrel air rifle available, the legendary HW 80 is often considered as ‘the ultimate work-horse’. The robust construction, excellent accuracy and the powerful mainspring guarantees extraordinary efficiency and penetration power especially at longer distances. Weighing in at 3.9kg this rifle isn’t for the faint hearted, but bear in mind how weight in general can play a big part in absorbing recoil and be an aid to steady shooting in many scenarios. Combine the slick firing cycle, super smooth cocking stroke with the crisp release point of the Rekord trigger and you have yourself a design to set the benchmark for break barrel rifles. Weihrauch Spring piston - Break Barrel Air Rifle, Model No: HW80K + Silencer, Calibre available: .22/.20 (Special Order)/.177/.25 (Special Order), Total length: 96cm, Barrell length: 31cm, Weight: 3.9kg, Loading Mechanism: Single Shot, Trigger: 2 stage match Rekord, Saftey: A, Sights: na

Weihrauch HW80K + Silencer Spring piston - Break Barrel Air Rifle

Color: .22