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Optisan CP Compact 3-12x32 SFP MIL Non-Illuminated MH10 Rifle Scope

Introducing the (NEW FOR 2020!) Optisan CP Compact 3-12x32 MIL MH10 Rifle Scope.

Compact and lightweight - well matched to the latest generation of compact rifles.

Optisan has developed the CP series to have minimal parallax error. This means you experience a minimal shift in the point of impact when shooting targets at varying distances, without adjusting your focus. This is especially useful when shooting HFT or hunting in the field when adjusting the parallax before each shot is not possible.

Optisan CP scopes have a standard length of eye relief allowing a suitable distance between your eye and objective, whilst shooting. This means that you can use this scope on guns with recoil such as Spring guns, Rimfire and Centrefire.

The 32mm objective and short overall length brings the weight towards the shooter; improving the balance and handling of the gun.

Optisan CP Compact 3-12x32 SFP #04002