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The UX PCP Hand Pump enables manual filling of cartridges for commonly used air rifles. It is suitable for cartridges with 200 bar and 300 bar technology, which means that it covers the full range of Walther air rifles. For maximum usefulness the pump comes with four adapters: M10, M10x1, Foster and 1/8" Quickfill. This makes it suitable for a large number of air rifles on the market.

The UX PCP Hand Pump was designed to permit quick filling of cartridges on the firing range or outdoors and does not require an external power supply or compressor. Users can recharge their air rifles with their own muscle power.

Pressure can be read in bar and PSI from a practical gauge, and a folding stand is provided for simple transport and space-saving storage.

Umarex UX hand Pump for PCP airguns