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Need a beanie, balaclava and a neck warmer? Then get yourself a Bleanie and you have all three in one. This lightweight anti-pill SOUTHERN STAR 200 microfleece garment can be rolled up to be a beanie, pulled down for a balaclava and the extra length adds warmth to the neck. 

Keeping hidden and stealthy is vital when you are getting in close to your prey. The Ridgeline Bonded Bleanie in our DIRT camo will keep your face covered so you melt into your environment remaining hidden. It is made with the same grid back Softshell as our Ascent jacket so will keep you warm and comfortable at the same time. Laser cut holes around the mouth make sure you get a good supply of air which will help you remain stealthy and agile. Essential head gear for all over camouflage

Ridgeline Fleece Bleanie

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